Products and orders
All products sold through the site are subject to availability. All orders, of any size, are subject to acceptance by the company; this acceptance can be denied at the discretion and without any reason. The quality and quantity of the pieces, the technical description, the dimensions, the sizes and other information provided in the product sheet are true and controlled; however, it should be noted that - due to the nature of digital images - colors and materials may appear slightly different from the original. Jerold Wilton reserves the right to change or delete any information at any time and without providing explanations. Only users legally of age according to the laws of the country of origin will be able to carry out transactions through the portal. By registering on the portal, the user declares to be of age and to accept the following conditions of use, in addition to being responsible for any information provided upon registration and subsequently for any purchase.
In the event that one or more products are not immediately available (out-of-stock) we reserve the right to cancel or delay the shipment, to replace the missing pieces or to ship the pieces in stock, as agreed with the client.
Jerold Wilton guarantees the utmost professionalism at every stage of the purchase, having said that, the delivery times of the goods may vary depending on the place of arrival (usually 3-10 working days). The company declines all responsibility for any delays not attributable to it or problems related to the customs legislation of the country of delivery. If you want to calculate the average delivery times for your country, please check the shipping table. In case of problems related to the purchase or shipment of the product, you can contact our customer service within 14 days of receiving the product.
Italy: Free
Rest of the world: 18.00€
Payment for purchases must be made according to the methods and times agreed with the company at the time of confirmation of the purchase. Jerold Wilton reserves the right to cancel and / or refund orders placed by the customer if he deems it necessary and without any reason. The customer is free to choose between the forms of payment made available by the company at the time of check-out. The company reserves the right to report any improper use of electronic payment methods or other illegal or suspicious activities to the competent authorities. These activities will be reported to the competent international trade authorities and to the authorities involved locally. Payments can be made by credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery.
Guarantees and responsibilities
Any responsibility for the contents of any websites that lead directly or indirectly to the portal is excluded  or to other company portals. All products sold on the portal comply with European standard regulations. Therefore, all products sold are accompanied by a European guarantee, according to the standards indicated by it. The company will do everything in its power to keep the site active and updated, however it may happen that, for technical reasons, the portal is temporarily unavailable from time to time, or not optimized for use through some specific browsers. We cannot guarantee the absolute absence of technical or content errors; any malfunctions of the portal will not be prosecutable or attributable to us. Jerold Wilton will not accept any responsibility for any loss or cancellation of personal data entered on the portal even if caused by it. To request a refund, the product must be returned with the original tag and in excellent condition. If you have received material other than the one ordered, we will make a refund and / or replace the item in question totally free of charge. Any errors of this type must, however, be promptly reported to our customer service before being able to request any type of intervention. Jerold Wilton puts all his technology at your disposal to make every transaction safe.
All goods sold outside of Italy may be subject to local taxes or different customs regulations. Jerold Wilton is not responsible for any customs duties applied by the receiving country. For any information on the possible presence of obstacles of this type, it is necessary to contact the customs authorities of the receiving country. All products are accompanied by regular billing. Virtual copy of the invoice can be sent in advance upon request at the time of payment. Some products in the catalog may not be available in specific countries due to local limitations. Jerold Wilton reserves the right to deny the purchase of any product without any explanation.
Right of withdrawal with reference to legislative decree 206 of 2005
It is possible to cancel your order before shipment but only in agreement with Jerold Wilton and upon written notice. For details on this possibility, please contact our customer service. Jerold Wilton provides the possibility to unsubscribe from the portal at any time and / or modify your personal information without the need to provide explanations. The user has the right to exercise this right within 14 days from the day of delivery of the goods.
Customer service
It is our mission that the customer is satisfied with his purchase and comes back at every new occasion. For this reason we provide you with a customer service to which you can contact for any clarifications, assistance or complaints. If you notice serious problems, before contacting the competent authorities, we invite you to contact Jerold Wilton so that the procedures for a conciliation can be started.
More information
Jerold Wilton will not use your personal data for purposes other than those indicated in the portal. The data released to the company will be stored with IT tools and automatically added to our mailing lists and customer lists. If you wish to change your privacy settings, please do so through your personal area. Should any part of this Terms and Services Agreement (TOS) be deemed illegal by any local court of law the remainder will continue to apply. It will not be possible to attribute to the company any problems related to circumstances not dependent on it. These conditions and terms of use (TOS) are governed by Italian law. Any dispute not otherwise regulated will be managed by the competent territorial office.
You can make the return for product replacement or refund free of charge within 14 days of receiving the order, provided that the returned products are intact and NEVER USED (therefore we invite you to try the shoes on a soft surface in order not to damage the sole or other parts of the product itself). Jerold Wilton will reimburse the entire purchase cost (including shipping costs) within 14 calendar days.
To return the product and confirm the return address write to, the costs are borne by the customer.
To make a change of size, color or article, write to  and we will arrange for the collection of the package.
You can replace or return the product free of charge within 14 days of receiving the order, provided that the returned products are intact and NEVER USED (therefore we invite you to try the shoes on a soft surface in order not to damage the sole or other parts of the product itself). Jerold Wilton will reimburse the entire purchase cost (including shipping costs) within 14 calendar days. To request the replacement or return of the product, write to, the customer service will send the customer a written confirmation with the specifications to follow.
The replacement is free (except in the period of sales at 40-50%). In the event of a definitive refund, the costs of collection, organized by the customer service, will be borne by the customer.